What Is The Best VoIP Service Provider Today?

Voip ServiceThe advent of technology has seen the growth of Voice over Internet Protocol which commonly goes by the name of internet phone. There is no denying that VoIP service is one of the most reliable and cost-effective way of calling anyone anywhere in the world. It is often seen that the companies that offer the phone and internet services in a bundle use this technology extensively. However, there is also the existence of companies that are exclusive VoIP service providers.

The essence of VoIP phone services lie in the fact that they convert the voice communication into digital data. This digital data is then transmitted over the internet. To further simplify the concept, VoIP helps the user to make calls whilst using high-speed internet connection instead. This is in contrast with the traditional phone calls which relied on the traditional analogue phone line for communication. Even though the transmission process in case of VoIP is very different from traditional telephone calling it is still carried out using the same phone equipment as would be used in traditional calling. It is common for most VoIP service providers to provide a phone adaptor. This adaptor is then connected to the existing phone with internet. Hence all you need to do is plug this adaptor to the internet connection at your home and dial. Your calls would be the nature of VoIP. This is the very essence of VoIP phone services. Alternatively you may also have the option of using your computer as a phone for making calls. This is often termed as soft phone. A very common example of soft phone is the very popular application Skype.

Even though this technology may be difficult for most people to understand but it has still been able to gain huge acceptance because of being a very reliable and cost effective alternative to traditional phone calls. Normally using the VoIP phone services one may be able to immensely cut costs over conventional calls. This comes as a virtue of lower monthly fee coupled with cheaper long distance and international rates. Further, while using VoIP you use your already existing telephone instrument which results in lower installation cost.

There are numerous service providers when it comes to VoIP services. These providers provide different kinds of plans which vary as per different criteria that are taken into consideration such as the minutes allowed or the need for long term contract etc.

Before you make selection of the VoIP service provider you may want to take into consideration numerous factors which will help you make a better judgement. Few such criteria are listed here.

1. Service Plans
While deciding on the service provider you may first want to take into consideration which service plans does the provider offer and what they charge for the same. Normally, if you go for a long term plan you will be able to take the benefit of cheaper rates. Hence, it is advisable to look around to find the cheapest VoIP service. Moreover, if you are interested in international calling you may be at benefit while using VoIP over any other kind of service.

2. Calling Features
Normally most of the VoIP service providers will give you certain common features which include: long distance calling, voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and forwarding etc. While some of the service providers will provide these features to you free of cost, some others may charge a certain fee for it.

3. Additional Features
Apart from certain common features, some VoIP service providers may provide you with certain additional feature such as using the services on different devices such as mobile phones and tablets. In case your business uses the VoIP services you may also be interested in features such as a toll free number. Hence if such features are essential to you, you must find such a service provider who may provide you with these services.

4. Help and Support
While selecting your VoIP service provider you need to be sure of their help and support department. While using VoIP you may face certain problems such as billing issues or unreliable calling such problems may arise anytime anywhere. Hence your need to be sure of the way a particular company handles their customer support department. It is essential for you to be sure of the customer support provided by a particular service provider before you start using their services.

Of late there have been a few attempts at listing the VoIP service providers in terms of ranking as per VoIP service reviews. A recent study showed that VoIP Studio stood first in the category with VoIP Office coming second. This was followed by BOP Call headquartered in South Africa. A quick search through web will give a list of at least 100 such providers which goes on to show the tremendous growth and popularity that VoIP has enjoyed over the past decade.

Hence it is safe to say that as of now VoIP offers a highly affordable option over traditional phone calls. Hence whatever your need may be, right from having a low cost phone calling option or helping you contact people around the world VoIP offers a very attractive alternative. With more and more people leaving their countries and settling in some other nation. VoIP has come a long way in helping people connect with their loved ones. Not only this, various multi-nation corporations have been immensely benefitted by VoIP as well. It has helped companies reduce cost and save resources.